Monday, February 28, 2011



Today was pretty long. Started off with Special K and 2% milk. Went to Delores' house to get her breakfast and what not. Then came home, took Malcolm out, we went and get lunch, cleaned the car, got the oil changed, mailed a bill, and then came back home. Malcolm was sleeping by this time, so I took him upstairs and came downstairs and folded some laundry. Ate some lunch spicy chicken filet on bagel thin with lettuce and cesar dressing. At 5 I had work, so I got dressed and took off to work. Work was fun as always. I really do love my job for the most part. There are some days that I don't have tons of fun, but its all about the attitude that I have. I just got home, but in about an hour I am going to have to take Justin to work. Then home to sleep, work at 7:30 tomorrow morning and then massages after that. It is almost ridiculous how much I am gone, but I really try to work as much time in with Malcolm as possible. I just want our own house though.

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